Solid microtargets

Thin films

A layer of material which the thickness ranges from a few around 50nm all the way up to around 2um.

Ultra thin films

A layer of material of which the thickness ranges from a few atoms up to 50nm.

Thick films

These include films that start from around 2um up to 100um.


Multilayers of different coatings of different thicknesses. Can consist of a combination of metals and plastics.


A thin coatings of different metals in a mixed state in any required ratio.

(Complex) 3D targets

Complex 3D targets require the precise microassembly of a wide variety of a high precision micro components. Technologies to create the targets can include thin film coatings, low density materials,  micromachining etc.

Low density targets – foams and aerogels

Typically, polymers, but not always. Interesting metal foams can also be found.

Mass limited targets

As the name suggests, a target that has mass constraints. The dot at the center represents the mass limited target.


Specialist type of targts, tends to be thin film. Can have point backlighters.


Measuring the target dimensions, elemental composition, surface roughness, crystal structure, thickness and grain size.